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Buying a UPS

When purchasing a UPS system, you need to know how much capacity you need. This capacity is measured in volt-amps. To determine the number of volt-amps that you need, take the number of amps multiplied by 120. If the measurement is in watts,
multiply by 1.82.
For example, if your monitor uses 2 amps (2 x 120 = 240) and your computer uses 100 watts (100 x 1.82 = 182) the total volt-amps needed would be 407 (240 + 182 = 422).
VA = Volt Amps, this is the number that matters on a UPS

Signs you were early on the internet

You used hotmail before Microsoft bought them
You had a geocities address, and had it memorized (ex. and of course before Yahoo owned them.

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