I love to chat on mIRC. My nickname is Zaroff and I am normally on DAL.NET in a channel called #mIRC_Wizards. If I am not on dal.net when you are. Just do a "/msg memoserv send Zaroff (message)"!

*Note some scripts do not work with the newest mIRC version,

Download mIRC HERE!

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Popup Set

Not Available

Ok i'm not sure when this popup set is going to come out. Maybe one day it will exist. But all I can say is check back here and get the official copy
Zaroff's Multi-Tank Script v3.0


This is a re-release of the old multi-tank scripts if you don't remember them here is what they look like.

With the multi-tanks you are allowed up to 5 gray or pink tanks.

The single tank can be made as big as you wish in gray or pink.

This is the never released dozer you can have up to
46 characters.

Zaroff's Clock Scripts v2.5


This is the title bar clock. It appears on the very top of your mIRC program. As shown there is a chunk of blue cut out.

On the clock the hands really move with the time!! Can be played by a simple /zclock or as a popup.

Zaroff's Clothing Scripts v2.0


 Download this version if you have ANY older version some of the other versions really mess up!

This Script consists of the popups of  "shirt", "boxers", "towel", "undies", and "bra" They can be used individually (one big one) or in multiples of just one kind or all of them togeather like above.
Easter Bunnies/Chicks v3.0


This script for Easter Time has bunnies and chicks (as shown) they each hold one letter and allow up to as many as your screen can hold.
Valentine's Heart Script v2.0


Up to 4 hearts on a 640x480 screen. Up to 9 characters per heart.

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